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Rentals Rates:  $95/hour (includes tax and fuel )-  $10 discount available for all hourly rentals Saturday, Sunday & Monday as well as hourly rentals Tuesday-Thursday at 9am and 10am.   A Visa/Mastercard number will be requested at the time of reservation to be used in the event of cancellation within cancellation deadline.

Reservations:  A valid Visa/Mastercard and current form of ID must be presented at time of rental and will be held as security deposit through the duration of the rental by a Jet Ski Rental representative. Payment will be accepted by Visa/Mastercard or CASH.  The "renter" must be at least 18 years of age in order to sign waivers and releases, however the "renter" DOES NOT have to participate in the actual riding of the equipment (ie. Grandma rents Wave Runners for her grandkids to ride and waits on land for them to return).

Cancellation:  48 hour cancellation policy for all reservations; reservations cancelled within this 48 hour period are 100% non-refundable.

Orientation:  Every operator will be given a thorough orientation on safe operation of the Wave Runner.  Applicable local and state laws will be covered.  It is the responsibility of the operator to listen and understand instructions and request further explanation if he/she has any questions concerning operation of the Wave Runner.


Damage:   The "renter" (the person who signs the paperwork) is responsible for any physical or bodily damage that occurs while the Wave Runner is being operated under the "renter's" consent.  The jet ski will be inspected after each use for damage.  Repair for damages will be at renters expense.   

Damage Fee Schedule-

- Water intrusion into engine- $1500- occurs from flipping Wave Runner and not following provided instruction on correcting 

- Debris sucked into water intake- $1000 - occurs from operating outside of designated riding area and getting too shallow

- Fiberglass chips, scratches or cracks- $100 per inch- occurs from negligent operation, ie. running into things

- Broken hatches, throttles or anything not otherwise mentioned- $100+ as quoted by JSOIB agent

- Lost or damaged life jacket or kill switch (per lost item)- $25

****  These are only examples.  The renter is responsible for total cost of any damage that occurs while jet ski is being operated under renter's consent.  This includes reimbursement for lost rental time which may occur if damage is excessive enough to render jet ski unrentable until repair.

Overtime Fee:  Each Jet Ski is equipped with a watch to insure return on-time.  Late return is charged at $5/minute (we don't want to be jerks, but there are other people waiting for your Wave Runner and it is disrespectful to them and causes us to have to endure their displeasure when you are late!)